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How to fuel a swimmer's body post workout

Feeling a swimmer's bodyThis piece was written by athlete and A3 Performance ambassador Matt Hutchins, a 2016 Rio Olympian and University of Wisconsin Badger.

To reach your maximum level of performance, being strong and consistent in your daily workouts is only half of the battle.  To crush it session after session, day after day, you have to fuel your body properly.       
Immediately after workouts you want to get protein into your body to start the process of muscle recovery and rebuilding. As you move further from workout, you want to eat good, healthy carbohydrates to help provide your body with sustainable energy. As always, make sure you are sipping on water throughout consistently after training. A good level of hydration prevents cramping and facilitates the entire nutritional process. Here is my recommendation for a quick, easy, and healthy post-workout meal plan.

Here are three great tips from Matt >