Bodimax sleeves - watch Kiwi athletes train with the sleeves

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Podium Sports are really proud to bring A3 Performance products to NZ athletes.    Read the reviews from some really happy athletes using A3 Performance products.

Bodimax Compression Sleeves - Pukekohe Swimming Club. "The Boys loved the BODIMAX Compression Sleeves and have been using them in the recovery sessions we have been performing this week. Zac said he felt that his arms felt more relaxed and not as heavy as he wore them in the back half of a recovery session - so he swam with it and without them, he also said he could feel it helping with blood flow through the arms , and the next day he said his arms felt more recovered then previous days/session which he then had a very impressive test set".  Pukekohe Swimming Club Coach - Mitch Nairn.

Bodimax Compression Sleeves.  "I have been using the BODIMA Compression sleeves a couple times a week and swimming overall about 5 times a week. Still getting used to them. They compress the arm and this feels quite different in the water when you start swimming but they feel more natural towards the end of the swim.  As they are tight around the arm (ie a compression sleeve) they have chafed towards the top of the arm  (near my chest... Where the arm moves past the chest). By not pulling them up to the top of the arm, I have mitigated this a bit. I do endurance swimming, so need to get to a point where the feel comfortable for a few hrs.  So far, all good. Benefits likely in the compression space. Dont have a feel for the recovery aspect yet. Might look at putting them on outside of the pool to aid recovery. Cheers Paul

Bodimax Compression Sleeves - Brett Richardson, endurance open water swimmer. First session was last week at Kilbirnie pool - first impression, 'slippery' they seemed to cut through the water very smooth and efficiently. Subsequent sessions, 2 x 1.5 hour pool sessions, 2 sea swims and most recently, an endurance set of 2.5 hours in the pool. In the sea, being a non wetsuit swimmer, the sleeves offered a bit of warmth and also protection from the cool air during the arm recovery phase. Post 2.5 hour pool swim, no muscle soreness at all which meant I could train the very next day. I'm impressed with the quality of the sleeves and the heavy duty silicone strips that hold the sleeves in place on my arms. Once on, there was no movement of the sleeves at all. I'm looking forward to using the sleeves and to similar results, as my endurance sets increases in time, up to 6 hours as I continue to train towards my goal of swimming Cook Strait. I can recommend these Bodimax sleeves by A3 Performance to anyone who trains hard and wants quick recovery from muscle soreness.

Legend Racing Suit. “I have tried the Legend racing suit, it fits pretty well and the design looks awesome" - Renata Sander, Brazilian National Team 

Legend Racing Suit. “I love my new suit [LEGEND], definitely the fastest and most comfortable I've ever raced in! After several races, the fabric is still snug and repelling water like new.” - David Guthrie, Masters World Record Holder, International Masters Hall of Fame

Legend Racing Suit. “I love racing in the A3 Legend because I know it's the best suit on the market. I love how the style of suit provides compression and flexibility. The design is innovative and unlike anything I've ever worn!” - Ivy Martin, 13-time Big Ten Conference Champion, US Open Champion

Legend Racing Suit. “Legend is my favorite competition suit EVER! I love the Power Back and the compression. The fact that it is fun and stylish too is an added bonus!”  Emily McClellan, DI NCAA Runner Up