The Man Behind A3 Performance – Dan Meinholz

Dan, the Swimmer, the Coach and Business Man


Dan, a native of Wisonsin, specialised in the backstroke and 200 meter Individual Medley (IM). 

He set state records and was a junior national champion.

When Dan’s swim career was over, he jumped right in to coaching. He was a coach for several club teams and summer teams throughout college.

At the age of 29-year, Dan and his wife Amy started their own business, All-American Aquatics – the genesis of A3 Performance. Dan spent nearly 10 years working with major brands and servicing a huge number of swim teams in the USA.

A3 Performance is born

After almost 10 years of representing other brands, in 2004 the performance swimwear company was born – A3 Performance. And it’s very brief history, A3 Performance has gone on to produce the fastest racing suit in the water – the A3 Performance LEGEND!