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Lab conducted by Genadijus Sokolovas, Ph.D., Global Sport Technology, Inc.

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The Scientist Behind the Lab Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas (Dr. G) was born and raised in Lithuania.  What started as a love for swimming later turned into a strong interest in exercise physiology and athlete performance.  

Dr. G earned his credible and respectable reputation in the swimming world particularly from 2000-2008, when he worked as USA Swimming’s Director of Physiology & Director of Sport Science. During this time, Dr. G worked closely with National Team members and Olympians studying and testing athlete adaptation to swimming and their overall performances.  

His work was particularly helpful working up to both the Athens and Beijing Olympics. He developed several innovative testing programs for these elite athletes including lactate clearance tests, land/water strength tests, biomechanical analysis, and training design programs.

Before his work at USA Swimming, Dr. G was the Dean of Coaching Faculty at the Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education between 1987-2000. During his tenure there he served as the Scientific Advisor of Lithuanian Swimming, Modern Pentathlon, and Track & Field. He also served as the Head of Laboratory of Computerization in Sport, optimizing training strategies in swimming, running, race walking, modern pentathlon and triathlon. Additionally, he developed mathematical models of adaptation of athletes in career, season, and weekly training

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