What to know when buying a racing swim suit

What two know when buying a technical racing swim suitChampionship season is an exciting time, but with that, comes a lot of preparation. Swimmers need to continue training hard while eating right, getting enough rest, and making sure they have everything they need for their big meet, including the tech suit. Getting a new tech suit should be fun and motivating, not overwhelming or stressful. So, we've put together four things every swimmer and swim parent NEEDS to know when buying a new tech suit.


Often times, it seems as if swimmers connect their identity with the size of their swimsuit. "I am a size 24" or "I've always been a size 26." The reality is, every technical racing suit is going to size differently. We're constantly making improvements to the technology and the fit of our tech suits. For instance, LEGEND tech suits run tighter through the hips and that's not a great fit for all athletes. So, with VICI, we improved the materials, structure, and fit of the suit to fit more bodies, better. It's likely that you may not be the same size in both suits.

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